Moving to a New Home?

Challenged to get it all done?

Careers, families, social obligations and other demands leave little time for the details surrounding a move. From start to finish, we’re here to help.

Your Move Needn’t Be a Do-It-Yourself Job.

With a life as full as yours, you’ve earned the right to have help with your move. Consider us as your move managers. The description of our services is simple: we can do whatever it takes to get you moved and settled.

We can start at your current residence, sorting through stacks in the basement and organizing the garage. Then we can stage your home for resale so you get top dollar. We’ll carefully pack your household items – even hand-carry the fragile and perishable ones. At your new home we’ll unpack, organize cupboards, drawers and closets, place furniture and accessories, hang pictures and discard packing materials. Need more? Count on us.

With our help, interruptions to your family and work life will be minimal and you’ll be free to handle the many other demands of your busy life.

A sample move by Home to Home.

Situation: A couple in their mid-30s was moving to their dream home, along with their 22-month-old son, 3-month-old daughter and German shepherd. Both had demanding jobs and obvious family obligations. Fitting a move into their overflowing life was a challenge.

Solution: Home to Home Transitions brought in a team to manage the family’s move. They packed up the household items for the movers and oversaw the loading of the moving van to ensure that items needed first at the new home would be the most accessible. Perishables and fragile items were hand-carried by Home to Home.

While the moving van was being unloaded, Home to Home wasted no time starting to unpack and organize. Under the direction of the homeowner, the team focused first on preparing the baby’s and toddler’s bedrooms and bath, the master bedroom, bath and linen closets and the kitchen. By mid-afternoon, artwork was hung, packing materials discarded and the 4,000-square-foot house was ready for the return of the children.

Result: The young family experienced multiple benefits from using Home to Home:

  • Costly interruptions to their careers were avoided.
  • The transition for the children was less disruptive.
  • Without sleepless nights worrying about the move, the couple had the energy to enjoy their dream home immediately.

“You and your team were fantastic – very professional, organized and full of energy. You were worth every penny!”
- Cincinnati homeowners

"We really couldn’t have done it without you!"

- Mike and Rebecca, Cincinnati