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Sell Homes.

We’re full-service move managers.

Clients may “stay put” when the idea of moving overwhelms them. Let us simplify their move so you have a motivated seller, buyer – or both.

Give Your Listings a Competitive Edge.

Your prospective clients may be resistant to list their homes because the thought of moving overwhelms them. Home to Home’s moving services eliminate that resistance. We can stage a home for maximum appeal and clear out basements, garages, closets and cupboards to create enviable space. Our professionals will take care of the packing, including hand-carrying fragile and perishable items. And at the new address, we’ll prepare the primary living space for immediate use.

At the end of the move, furniture will be polished and arranged, pictures hung, boxes and packing materials gone. And your appreciative client will thank you for putting them in touch with us.

A sample move by Home to Home.

Situation: A mother and daughter were putting their home on the market and moving out of town. Their house was neat and clean but lacked the personality that attracts buyers. Windows and walls were bare and decorative touches were lacking, so the house seemed cold and uninviting. The listing Realtor recognized the flaws and knew that prospective buyers would cross it off their list.

Solution: The Realtor turned to Home to Home Transitions for staging assistance. The team tackled key issues. They worked with the homeowner to identify items to donate so that the basement, garage and closets could be organized. They arranged for a contractor to make repairs – particularly ones that would have kept the home from passing inspection.

Finally, they turned their attention to cosmetic effects. Furniture was arranged to showcase the rooms’ best features. More than 50 accessories, art and pillows were brought in by Home to Home to create the personality that the home lacked. The residents admitted they never would have thought of some of the creative solutions.

Result: The changes brought reactions much like on TV makeover shows:

  • The house was converted from a challenging property for the Realtor to one with features that attract buyers.
  • By bringing in Home to Home, the Realtor could avoid making critical comments that could offend his clients.
  • While Home to Home made the improvements, the Realtor was free to do what he does best – sell homes
  • The client reacted enthusiastically and appreciated her Realtor suggesting Home
    to Home.

“The house looked great and was well worth the investment.”
- Dayton Realtor

"Believe me, I shall always recommend you!"

- Maxine, Dayton