Are Your Prospective Residents Overwhelmed by Moving?

Let Us Erase Their Work and Worry.

Moving can overwhelm your prospective residents and become an obstacle that keeps them from making a move. We minimize that obstacle.

We Provide Assistance for Senior Moves.

When it comes time to move, your prospective residents may be uncertain where to turn for help. They realize the move will be too physically difficult for them alone but they hate to burden family and friends. By telling them of Home to Home’s service, you can solve the problem – and turn them into satisfied new residents.

We become familiar with your community and coordinate the move with you so that it is within your guidelines and doesn’t inconvenience other residents. And when a resident needs to move to different accommodations within your community, we offer the same help to assure that you, your resident and their family are satisfied.

A sample move by Home to Home.

Situation: For months, a couple had talked to a retirement community about a possible move. Although they saw the benefits of living at the community, making the move to the new location was the barrier.

Solution: Home to Home Transitions gave a presentation on moving at the retirement community. The couple attended the presentation, felt Home to Home was the service they needed and made the decision to have the company manage their move. Just three weeks later, they were settled in to their apartment and their previous anxiety was a distant memory.

Result: This was the retirement community’s first experience with Home to Home and their response was overwhelmingly positive:

  • The time between meeting and closing the sale was a record for the community.
  • The community credited Home to Home’s good communication for making
    it happen.
  • As a smaller community, they do not have a move-in coordinator and felt that Home to Home capably provided that service for them.

“Your entire moving team was professional and personable; every one of our staff remarked about what a great group they were! We do look forward to recommending you in the future.”
- Dayton Retirement Community Director of Community Relations.

“Your understanding of the needs of our seniors and how you work with them really makes a difference. We so appreciate your dedication and enthusiasm for your profession."

- Director Community Relations, Dayton retirement community