Moving, But Not Certain Where
to Begin?

We’ll coordinate your move.

Moving can be physically and emotionally difficult, particularly when moving to a smaller residence. We handle all the details so you don’t have to.

Senior Moves Are Our Specialty.

The idea of moving to a smaller residence can be overwhelming, but we’re here to eliminate the work and worry. Whether you need us to help you sort through items that have accumulated over the years, prepare your house for sale or pack your things and organize them at your new address, we’ll do what it takes. Need Home to Home to arrange change of address, cable and phone? No problem. Uncertain how your furniture will fit at the smaller place? We’ll do drawings that show the options.

Your children are likely willing to help, but often are juggling careers, families and other commitments. Perhaps they don’t live in the same city as you. We’ve moved hundreds of people in your situation and they tell us, “We couldn’t have done it without you.”

A sample move by Home to Home.

Situation: It was time for a senior couple to enjoy the security and amenities of a retirement community. Moving from a spacious seven-room condominium to a two-bedroom apartment would be challenging for them. With two of their three children living out of town, the move and the sale of the condominium would fall to their nearby son and daughter-in-law, both of whom worked and had multiple responsibilities.

Solution: The Home to Home representative met with the couple to discuss their needs. She learned what they hoped to bring with them and by visiting the apartment, she was able to create drawings showing furniture placement that would look like home, all with the couple’s safety in mind.

The day before the movers arrived, Home to Home strategically sorted and packed the couple’s possessions. For efficiency, they transported kitchen items to the new residence so that on moving day a team could unpack and organize kitchen cupboards and drawers while the movers were loading the truck at the old residence. By 6:00 on moving day, clothes closets, bathrooms and kitchen were organized, beds were prepared, furniture polished and in place, pictures hung and moving materials removed.

Result: The couple could relax and feel at home with all their possessions in place:

  • The confusion that can come from new surroundings was minimized because the apartment was organized to reflect their former home.
  • The entire move process was confined to two days, minimizing the stress. The couple had to do nothing in advance and all details – at both residences – were wrapped up by the end of moving day.
  • The responsibilities of the couple’s son and daughter-in-law were reduced.
  • The couple could focus on the amenities available at the retirement community.

“Everything in our new apartment looked beautiful and we felt at home right away. Your girls put all of our things just where they belong.”
- West Chester, OH, couple

"Four angels dropped by and transformed what we thought would be a nightmare into a beautiful dream."

- Evelyn, Dayton