Questions People Often Ask.

Since starting Home to Home Transitions in 1995, we’ve heard a number of common questions. Perhaps some of these are issues you wonder about, too.


Q. Home to Home helps with moving. Are you a moving company?

A. Although we are not a moving company, we can recommend reliable, professional movers, and make scheduling arrangements. We do work closely with your movers to ensure a smooth transition. For example, we advise them on the order to load the truck so that the items we need to work with in settling you in are the first off the truck at your new residence. It’s those little details that save you time and money. In preparing for the movers, we carefully pack your items for safe transport.

Q. I like my home just as it is. Why should I consider having it staged before putting it on the market?

A. Your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and personal tastes. But buyers want to imagine your home as their home. Professional home stagers use proven techniques to showcase the best features of your home – its space, light and openness. Studies show that a professionally staged home sells five times faster and for an average of 7% more money than a home that has not been staged.

Q. What role do I play in the move?

A. That’s up to you. Some clients leave their old residence on the morning of the move and come home to a new, unpacked and organized address that evening. Others maintain a more active level of involvement. Either way, we’ll follow your directives and discuss with you any questions that arise.

Q. My home is filled with antiques and family heirlooms, hand-selected furnishings and items whose real value is sentimental. How do I know they’ll be safe?

A. Home to Home carries insurance, but more importantly, our employees are people you can trust. The women on your job will be mature and caring; most are longstanding employees. They pack items to prevent damage and they hand-carry fragile ones to reduce risk. We provide a list of items you may want to carry with you for convenience.

Q. This all sounds expensive. Is it?

A. We offer a menu of services, and by choosing the ones most important to you, you can tailor a package that fits your budget. You’ll get a written estimate in advance, so there will be no surprises.

"Your quick work and careful organization reduced my in-laws’ stress and confusion in moving from their home to a retirement community. You’re the BEST!"

- Dianne, Cincinnati