Bedroom, Bath and Kitchen, Ready to Use.

Furniture and accessories arranged,
pictures hung.

Imagine feeling settled-in on moving day. Our team wraps up your move by putting your new home in order. It’s our most appreciated service.

Relax, Everything’s Right Where You Want It.

Our organizing and settling-in service is the magic wand that gets your primary living space ready for immediate use. We’ll organize closets and cupboards, prepare bedrooms and baths and arrange your things just where you want them. We’ll finish up by polishing furniture, hanging pictures and familiarizing you with the setup of your new home.

When you’re settled in your new home and have everything where you want it, you can put the move behind you for good.

"My parents’ new apartment not only looked great but was organized just as they wanted it. They could have hosted a dinner party there on moving day!"

- Bruce, Cincinnati